[VERY IMPORTANT] Please read carefully before any registration ...

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[VERY IMPORTANT] Please read carefully before any registration ... Empty [VERY IMPORTANT] Please read carefully before any registration ...

Post by Admin on Wed 11 Sep - 10:52

1 / "Ladies in costume" is a forum exclusively dedicated to women in costume. Images and / or words involving men and / or children are strictly prohibited.

2 / Although each contribution is the responsibility of the member who posted it, the moderation reserves the right to delete videos, images or words that break rule No. 1.

3 / Members who break Rule No. 1 may, without notice, be temporarily banned from this forum.

4 / Members who commit multiple offenses may, without notice, be permanently banned.

5 / Posting abusive, degrading or insulting language, political statements, pedophilia, or homophobic and racist slurs may result in an immediate ban.

6 / All contributions according to the rules laid down above are welcome, however, the forum is not a trash can. To respect the others, members are asked to classify each new publication in the most appropriate category, with a clear and precise title. Any new publication with photo and / or video should have a concise description with as much information on the subject as possible. If they are not free of rights, the author and / or source must be mentioned. Duplicates are not allowed.
Breaking this rule repeatedly may result in a temporary or permanent ban.

7 / The French and English are the official languages of this forum. In a continuing effort for understand us, it's strictly prohibited to use any language other than French and English. The members whose mother tongue is French where English are asked to be vigilant in their spelling. The members who don't speak French nor English are advised to use Google translation in using short sentences.
If the error is sometimes admitted, members who contravene too regularly this rule are liable to the penalties provided in No. 3 and No. 4 in case of persistence.

8 / Any abuse discovered by members should be immediately reported to moderation.

9 / Only members who have carefully read and knowingly accept these regulations will be allowed to join the forum "Ladies in costume."

10 / All unsubscriptions will be considered final.



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